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Catering / Buffet

Catering / Buffet

We provide catering / buffet for all types of gatherings. We can provide catering for any size function but a minimum of 20 people. 


Prices start from 7.50 per person. When Placing the order, just increase the quantity based on the number of people you wish to cater for. 


The following is included:


  • Mix of sandwiches and mini filled rolls (1 each) using white, wholemeal and harvester breads. Mix fillings including vegetarian options
  • Mini Vanilla Slices (Synthetic Cream)
  • Half size Rocky Road
  • Half size chocolate loaf cakes
  • Half size carrot loaf cakes
  • Half size lemon & blueberry loaf cakes
  • Half size flapjacks
  • Mini Scones with clotted creams and mini jam jars
  • Mini Quiche slices (Choice of Cheese & Tomatoe, Cheese & Ham or Cheese & Onion)
  • Cheese straws
  • Mini sausage rolls

Additional Options

  • Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Plain Doritos with Dip
  • Cutlery & Napkins
  • Water Bottles
  • Salmon Filling
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